How can I arrange a consultation?

A consultation can be arranged directly via telephone on 07419 846613 or email at admin@rajthakrar.co.uk.

Clinic days and times are listed under the 'Contacts' section. Alternatively the 'Appointment' tab will direct you to an online referral form. 

How much will the consultation cost?

For self-pay patients consultation costs are as follows;

New Patient appointment: £240

Follow up appointment: £180

Telephone consultation: £160

New patient appointments last approximately 30 minutes and follow up appointments up to 15 minutes.


Surgical costs vary depending upon procedure. An estimate of the surgical, anaesthetic and hospital stay will be provided to you prior to your operation. 

Will my insurance cover the cost?

Mr Thakrar is fee assured and recognised by all major insurance companies.

If you plan to use insurance we would recommend getting in touch with your insurer to discuss the level of cover they provide for you prior to your appointment.  

Will I need an operation?

Following a detailed consultation, Mr Thakrar will arrange any necessary investigation and discuss all available treatment options with you in detail. Orthopaedic ailments can be treated with a range of treatments that include activity modification, physical therapy and medication. There are certain conditions where surgery is a better option. It is important to note the decisions to have an operation is yours and should only be made once you are satisfied with the information given to you.

Are there complications of having surgery?

Complications are rare but can occur after surgery. Despite ensuring the highest standard of care, potential surgical complications include; Anaesthetics risks, Wound infection, Scar, Pain, Stiffness, Bleeding, Nerve injury, Clots in the legs or lungs (DVT/PE), Failure to resolve/recurrence of symptoms. There are additional operation specific complications. 


Prior to your surgery, Mr Thakrar will discuss in detail the potential operative risk and ask you to sign a consent form. A copy of this will be given to you for your reference. You will be encouraged to discuss any specific questions that you may have. 

Will I need physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy plays an important role as part of your recovery and we work very closely with an expert team of therapists. The frequency and intensity of physiotherapy varies depending on the underlying ailment. This is something that Mr Thakrar will discuss in detail during your consultations and arrange as necessary.